Reflection Seven

I have found that working and publishing content through social media has been clear and simple to follow. During this week, we were given the task to publish a “practice” Instagram story post looking at the different candidates in the upcoming election. Using the website called “Canva”, I was able to transfer the research I found about the candidate to the website smoothly.

As I used to play Football, the scouting process meant that you had to create a credible portfolio for university. This meant that the school specifically hires someone to check your social media accounts to confirm that you have not posted something which would find you to be inadequate. One of my teammates was on the path to play at a university until the Social Media Representative found partying and inappropriate photographs on her Instagram account.

Currently, my use of social media would not classify as inappropriate or improper. However, it does reflect a “university student’s” account which includes photographs of my friends and the events we attend. To professionalize my account, I intent to focus on posting images that reflect my key interests. For instance, because I am vegan, I could start posting more “blog-type” photos with captions writing about the lifestyle I have chosen.

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