Reflection Eight

Philip Bromwell has worked as a mobile journalist for RTE News and Current Affairs for the past twelve months (Lin, 2015). As a mobile journalist, you aim every day to visually tell a story through an electronic device. An example of Bromwell’s work covers a story about The King of Coffee: Seivijus “Elvis” Matiejunas who represented Ireland at the World Latte Art Championships in Australia (15-18 May 2014). The entire story was recorded on an iPhone 5S (Lin, 2015).

Unfortunately with mobile journalism, the overall quality of a news story is not always guaranteed. For instance, you could own an older model iPhone that does not capture an image or video to the best degree that the newest make of the iPhone. Furthermore, the scenery of the video may affect the quality of the story regarding the sound and ability to hear the speaker.

To improve the quality of phone shots or videos, it is a good idea to purchase a “selfie stick” to hold while recording a video. This will prevent any shaky hands whilst holding the phone which would inevitably alter the quality of the recording.

If I was standing outside the Leeds train station and noticed a protest with individuals from the organization “PETA” present, I would take advantage of the situation and capture photographs, videos, and possibly any interviews that could bring a story altogether. City protests are a journalists perfect opportunity to obtain a worthy story as it notifies the public about something they previously were not aware of.


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