Reflection Nine

Throughout the workshops, the feedback I have received has enabled me to gain a better idea of what my final article will look like. During week seven, we were assigned a post titled “Portfolio Research One” where we had to brainstorm possible story ideas for our final article. I was deciding between two different story ideas for the article and as one to one feedback was offered during this workshop, I was given advice that confirmed which idea felt as though it had more substance to it.

Over the last nine weeks I feel as though I have organized my time well to keep up with the weekly tasks. Although I have been able to build a relatively structured blog, I have struggled most with the formation of the final six-hundred word article. As I went back and forth with different ideas, I was not sure which story idea would give me the best collection of primary sources.

Given the opportunity to go back to the very first week and give myself advice, I would tell myself to put more effort into reading printed news. Going that extra mile to thoroughly understand the overall structure of print news means that you are more likely to write an article that contains all necessary aspects of a publishable story.

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