Netflix surpasses sky in favoured tv streaming app

In a recent survey, eight responses proves just how popular Netflix is in comparison to other television platforms.

With Netflix, BBC iplayer, Sky, All 4 and Amazon Prime being the five different platforms, the clear favourite was Netflix with the majority vote. After nearly eight long coronavirus-filled months, it is an accurate time to get this feedback when society has been navigating these TV networks as a means to stay busy.

Favoured TV/Movie Streaming Site

Library computer usage up until 19 Years Old

Making use of the library from 2017 to 2019 stays at somewhat of a consistent level for different age ranges. Children up to four years old rank at the lowest end of the spectrum while those ranging from ten to fifteen years old are at the highest. It is definitely encouraged more through the secondary school years of ten to fifteen for students to attend the library for research purposes, or just in general. Students attending university do not heavily rely on the library as people in this age group – more often than not – possess their own computer that can do their research for them.

Yorkshire and Humber covid-19 cases rise aggressively

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Starting from today, England is heading into their second national lockdown which plans to end on 2 December. The exponential growth of cases in Yorkshire and the Humber local authority area proves just how much covid-19 has grown since the first lockdown ended in early July.

With Leeds containing the greatest number of covid cases, it can only mean that residents will find it most difficult to get back to normal life in this city. Although numbers are still growing at an extremely fast rate, residents can only hope that numbers will start to decrease throughout this second lockdown.

Witnesses needed for serious pedestrian collision in Kirkstall

One grey and one red car are sat in front of the Leeds Kirkstall Road Firestation building.
Firestation located at Kirkstall Road with cars in front.

West Yorkshire Police have issued a report that a lorry and a pedestrian have been involved in a collision on Friday, 30 October 2020. At about 10:15 in the morning (Friday) the driver and the woman got into the collision as the Dennis refuse wagon was driving along Kirkstall Road near the fire station.

The woman still remains in hospital suffering serious head injuries as enquiries are ongoing for identification. Furthermore, the lorry driver remains unidentified as police continue to find witnesses to the collision.

For any witnesses prior or during the time of the collision are asked to contact PC 6042 Gibson at the Eastern Roads Policing Unit on 101 immediately or alternatively access the West Yorkshire Police website for the contact options.

The West Yorkshire Police have stated “It is crucial that any witnesses come forward to provide evidence for this case, especially those with dash cam or mobile phone footage.”