Portfolio Research 1 – 600 Word Article

Possible Story Ideas:

  1. Whether or not Facebook is a dying social media platform
  2. The growing numbers of vegans and how the restaurant industry has responded
  3. The correlation of mental health to social media and how that affects students academic performance

Primary Sources:

  1. Examples: Students; a Facebook group that only know each other because of Facebook (“Leeds Ladies who Lunch”); family friend who is a part of the “Baby Boomer” generation
  2. friends who are vegan; vegan restaurants in Leeds (owner, manager, or servers); the vegan and vegetarian society at Leeds Beckett University
  3. students at university; the mental health society at Leeds Beckett University; friends who struggle with mental health issues; student union at Leeds Beckett who are there to help counsel students

Portfolio Research 2 – (Instagram Carousel)

Story Idea – Teacher striking in Toronto

Background on the story:

  • High school teachers in Ontario – specifically looking at Northview Heights Secondary School continue to strike the proposed education cuts to students and teachers
  • The plan proposed by Ontario Premier, Doug Ford show that he intends to modernize classrooms, increase class sizes and decrease the number of teachers – ultimately leaving hundreds of teachers without a job and salary
  • Teachers, parents, and students gathered around Northview Heights Secondary School on 11th Dec to strike against the education cuts that will ultimately damage the academic lives of these children

Primary Sources:

  • Teachers at Northview Heights for interviews, quotes, images, etc.
  • Parents of these students for interviews, quotes, images, etc.